Quick Printing Tutorial

Quick Tutorial for Simple, Easy, and Quick 3D Printing Process Using Weaver3 Studio Basic Functions.

1. Load 3D Model

- Select 3D model to print, using load button on left side of screen.

- Selected 3D model automatically appeared and positioned on center of screen's printer bed.



2. Set Basic Parameter

- Click Settings button to adjust necessary parameter values.
    Ex) It decides whether to change the extruder, infill value or apply support.


3. Preview

- Check if the 3D model is on the bed, and then click the Preview button button to switch to the ‘Layer Viewer’. 

- Check simulated model preview which adjusted parameter applied.

- Use layer slider on left side of screen to check total number of layer and move on certain layer you want to check.

- Use the move slider on the bottom of the screen to check moving path of nozzle. 



4. Printing

-  Click the Print button img button to print the model.