Profile Setting

Various parameter values are required to print the model. This section allows you to set multiple parameter values, from filament material to height and printing speed of each layer that determines the precision.

1.  Click image-png-Apr-13-2022-01-26-26-62-AM [Profile Setting] button. 

2.  Set the profile values in preferred mode. The mode can be switched using the bottom button. 

  • Basic mode: Set basic values such as material, internal filling, support, and extruder.

  • Custom mode: You can change various values and create and add your own profile.

2-1 Basic Mode

  • Material: Choose the material for each extruder. 
  • Infill: Select a pattern and adjust the density.

  • Support :  choose whether to use support or not.

    - Hybrid support: Only ABS and ASA materials are available, and the contact surface
                                between the model and support is made of RSA material.

    - Overhang angle: Support can be generated by setting the overhang angle of the part that
                                  needs support.

  • Raft Extruder: When using PLA material, you can choose an extruder to use for rafting.


Hybrid support is a feature that allows RSA materials to be used so that only the contact parts between the model and the support are separated well, and the remaining parts are made of the same materials (ABS, ASA) as the model. 

2-2  Custom Mode 

- 14 categories according to features.

  • Quality
  • Wall
  • Up/Down
  • Infill
  • Material
  • Speed
  • Movement
  • Cooling
  • Support
  • Build Plate Attachment
  • Dual Extrusion
  • Fixing Mesh 
  • Special Mode
  • Experimental

   - You can modify the values for each nozzle.

   - The modified profile can be saved by pressing the  button at the top of the screen.


 Detailed descriptions of attribute value can be found in the tooltip for each attribute value.