Open Settings Mode

Users can manually configure profile values and save the custom profile.

Users can set an appropriate value for each profile setting and save it as a custom profile such as print quality, print speed etc. depending on the model design and its use. Later when it’s necessary, the users can print desired model design with the custom profile to achieve the best printing quality.

Custom profiles are only available in Open Settings Mode. 
  1.  Modify the profile values on the Open settings.

  2. If you modify the value, you will see [Undo] button () for that item.

    Press [Undo] button to revert to the previous value.

        e.g., Change infill density to 30%.


  3.  Press image-png-Apr-13-2022-01-45-23-04-AM button on the top and insert a new profile name and click OK. 

  4.  You can see the custom profiles that you have added, at the top list.

  5.  If you need to modify an existing custom profile, you can change the value by selecting it, then update it by pressing the [Update] button on the top right menu.