Mouse Operations

After loading the model, by right click, you can use various model editing functions such as copy, delete, and positioning models.

1. Copy Model

- You can copy as many models as you want.
- You can set the number of models to copy by entering them directly or by using the +, - buttons.

2. Delete Model

- Delete the selected model.

3. Delete All Models

- Delete all models at once.

4. Move to the Bed Center

- Move the selected model to the center of the bed.

5. Selected Model Placement

- Move the selected model to an empty space on the bed.

6. All Model Arrangement

- Move the entire model to an empty space on the bed.

7. Model Combining

- Combine the selected models into one single model.
- You can confirm the combined models in the model list.

8. Model Splitting

- Separate the combined model into original number of models.

9. Extruder Setting

- You can choose the extruder to use according to the printing model.