Layer Viewer

"Check cross section of each layer using Layer Viewer, with different colors per each extruder or per line-type. Estimated printing time and filament usage is shown in Layer Viewer as well"


1. Preview

- Click Preview button to start slicing. Layer Viewer will automatically shown after slicing completed. 



2. Gcode Check Setting

- Select the option from drop-down list to check: Extruder View, Line Type View, Speed View.

- Click check-box option that you want to see.


- Extruder View

- Line Type View

- Speed View

3. Layer Slider

- Use layer slider on left side of screen, to move on certain layer you want to check. 

4. Move Slider

- Use move slider on bottom side of screen, to check moving path of nozzle. 



5. Printing Time and Filament Usage

- Estimated printing time and filament usage can be checked on right bottom of Layer Viewer screen.

- Estimated printing time and filament usage automatically updated on each Preview when printing profile changed.



Layer Viewer ends when click Close Preview button on bottom.