Basic UI Elements of Weaver3 Studio Slicer

Here is the brief description on the Weaver3 Studio slicer basic user interface elements.

After installing the Weaver3 Studio application, double-click the Weaver3 Studio shortcut icon on your desktop to run it. Then the following default screen will appear. 

Here's the brief description on the Weaver3 Studio slicer user interface.






Standard Menu Bar

This menu bar consists with various functions such as loading files or previous project, exporting files or settings, and changing languages settings.


3D View

The design model loaded into the application is restructured in 3D on the screen and displayed to the user.


View Orientation Select Button

View orientation of 3d object on the screen can be switched in isometric, front, left, and right views, using this button.


Enlarge View Button

You can enlarge the 3D view size of the model with this button.


Printer Territory

It shows the inside space of the actual printer in 3D view, giving the user a preview of the printing location and size.


User Account

You can connect to the cloud if login to user account.


Profile Setting Button

You can set the required setting values for printing.

    - Basic mode: Default settings such as material, infill, support,
                           extruder, etc. can be set.

    - Custom mode: Various values ​​can be set.


Model Rotation Button

By selecting a model on the screen, the angle set by the user can be rotated based on 3 axes.


Model Size Change Button

You can select a model on the screen and resize it in units of magnification or length.


Printer Frontal Indicator

Display the front of the printer and inform the user the actual printout orientation on the screen.


3D Model

If you import 3D model data using the load button, it will appear on the screen.


Preview Button

Switch to the Layer Viewer screen. You can see different colors depending on the extruder, line type, and speed value.


Save Button

Save the file in .w3s format. You can save it by selecting it on your PC or cloud.


Print Button

You can connect to your printer and print the model directly over the network.


Import Model Button

Import and load the 3D data you want to print into the program.


Model List

You can see the list of imported 3D model.


Printer Info

You can view and register the printer you want to use with IP.

You can select a registered printer and print it out.