Weaver3 Cloud File Management Feature to Remote Upload, Print, and Group-Work on Industrial 3D Printer

Remotely upload and print 3D model and remote manage group operation on 3D model on industrial 3d printer.

Weaver3 Cloud has not only the remote control & monitoring industrial 3D printer features but also remotely uploading, storing, printing, group operation managing features.

Here you can find how to manage 3D files on Weaver3 Cloud in order to remotely upload, store, print, and group-work the 3D files.

1. File upload

  - Click [Upload] in the [File] tab.

  - Click the box and open the printing file. Or drag and drop the printing file to the box.   

  - Click [Upload] button.


2. Create New Group

  - Click [+] button.

  - Enter the Group name and click Create button. 

  - Files can be classified by each group. 


3. Printing

  - Click the uploaded file. 

  - Click [Start Printing].

  - Select the standby printer and click [Start] to print.