Industrial 3D Printer type A530 Troubleshooting Error code 401

type A530 Error code 401 occurs when the 3D printing filament doesn't transport properly. Industrial 3D Printer Filament transport problems can be caused by various causes, so please follow the steps below.

   1) Check the number of the filament box that 401 error occurred, then press the OK button.

    401 error alert screen



   2) Press [Material] on the left, then select the spool of the filament box that encountered error in 1 and then proceed unloading.

    → If finishing unload, open the filament box to make sure the filament is not tangled.

   Display Menu Material Loading Unloading Screen



   3) Press [Tools] on the left, then select the [Extruder] menu on the [Management] tab.

    → Wait until nozzle temperature reaches target temperature.

    → Adjust ↑, ↓ buttons so that the filament feeds 50 mm in the direction in which it is inserted.

     (Repeat 2 to 3 times until filament residue gets ejected.)

   Display Menu Tools Setting Screen

Display Menu Extruder Setting Screen



   4) If the solution is not resolved using 1) to 3), refer to "When Filament Residue Stuck in Junction"


※ Note

- If the 401 error cannot be resolved by 1~ 4 process, please contact the customer center with details on what happened to cause the error with video, photo, etc.