Industrial FFF 3D Printer type A530 Filament Loading Guide

How to load and unload filament to type A530. Filament Loading 1) Open up the filament box. 2) Before inserting a new spool, place silica gel included...

1. Filament Loading


① Open up the filament box.


② Before inserting a new spool, place the silica gel included with the spool on the floor inside the filament box.


- The silica gel’s dehumidification function decreases in a high-humidity environment after a certain period of time (about 2 weeks). When a spool is replaced, replace the silica gel together, which is mandatory.


③ Insert a spool into the filament box and push the spool handle down until the spool is fixed by the lock lever.


- Pay attention to the spool installation direction. Insert the spool so that the smart chip faces down.

- If the spool is inserted in reverse, the filament and the product may be damaged.


④ Cut the end of the filament diagonally.filament_loading_3


- If a spool is new, also remove the tap that fixes the filament.
- If it is a spool that has been loaded and used, cut the end of the filament about 200mm in length.


- When cutting the end of a filament, be careful NOT to miss the filament and come untangled to prevent it from being twisted. It may cause filament transfer failure.


⑤ Insert a filament into the hole inside the filament box. Fully insert the filament until the filament box automatically pull it. The “Half Load” operation screen is displayed in the LCD screen.



- If a filament is inserted while the product is in operation, the filament may not be automatically pulled.
- Insert the filament into the hole when the product is in standby


⑥ Once the “half load” operation is completed, press the [Material] menu in the LCD screen and load the spool.



⑦ Check if the tube is properly inserted to the nozzle and if there are debris on the bed. Press the [Next] button to start the loading.



⑧ The printer automatically inserts the filament up to the nozzle. Once the loading is completed, the previous screen is displayed.



2. Filament Unloading


① Select a spool to unload and press the [Unload] button.



② Check if the tube is properly inserted to the nozzle and press the [Next] button.



③ The printer automatically removes the filament. Once the unloading is completed, the previous screen is displayed.



④ Wrap the filament around the spool and thread the end into the hole on proper side of the spool to prevent it from being twisted.



⑤ Pull the spool lock lever inside of the filament box to release the fixed spool. After that, grab and lift the spool handle up to remove the spool.


- Lift the spool by grabbing the spool handle. If not, the smart chip may be damaged.



3. Remark


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Spool Inside

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