How to Improve Industrial 3D Printer Printing Quality

Please adjust the industrial 3d printer nozzle & bed temperature, bed leveling and change the printout shape or direction of the 3d printing model.


1) Nozzle, Bed Temperature

According to the type of material such as PLA, ABS etc., the optimal temperatures for the nozzle and bed are different.

The quality of the printout may vary depending on the environment (temperature, humidity) at time of printing.

There is no fixed value of the right temperature, but we need to determine the right temperatures for the different situations as changing the temperature settings.

Changing the temperature setting is possible in the slicer program. 

      Material              Optimal Nozzle Temperature       Optimal Bed Temperature   
ABS 230 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ 90 ℃ ~ 100 ℃
ASA 230 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ 90 ℃ ~ 100 ℃
ARS 230 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ 90 ℃ ~ 100 ℃
PLA 190 ℃ ~ 210 ℃ 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃


2) Bed Leveling

If the printout is not properly attached to the bed or excessively adhered to it, please try the following:

(1) Clean the surface of the bed and the end of the nozzle.

(2) Perform bed leveling to level the bed.

(3) When bed leveling is complete, refer to Z-Offset to check the gap between the nozzle end and the bed, and adjust if the gap is large or narrow.


3) Modifying Model Design

Depending on the shape of the printing model, there may be differences in the printing quality. To obtain optimal quality, change the model shape or printing direction, or adjust the printing conditions in the slicer before printing.