How to detach the printouts

After printing is complete, go through the below steps to detach the printout handy and properly.


  • Bed is very hot before passing the enough cooling time. 
    Be careful not to be burn yourself.  
  • Printout can be heavy when it is huge.  
    In this case, you can drop the printout when you detach it from the bed.
    When detaching the printouts, support them so that they do not fall.


    1. Cooling the bed 

     After the printing is complete, wait until bed temperature is lower than 50℃ on LCD screen. 

    Don't touch the bed or bed handle until prompted. 

    • Bed is hot so don't touch it during the cooling time. 
    • If you want to detach the printouts during the cooling time, push the [Cancel] button and detach the printout after take on protective equipment. 


    2. Removing flexible bed

     Flexible bed can be removed by lifting up the bed handle. 


    3. Detaching printout

    • The scraper is sharp, so be careful when handling it. 
      Be careful not to injure yourself with the scraper when detaching the printout. 
    • When printout is large, be careful not to collide with inside of the machine when removing the bed. 
    • Be careful when detaching the printout, as fragments of filament may pop out and injure your eyes or other body parts.
    • Wear appropriate protective equipment and remove printouts.

    The printout can be easily detached by bending the flexible bed up and down. 

    For smaller models, use the enclosed scraper.

    Be careful not to apply excessive force to the bed with the scraper as it may damage the bed sheets.

    Note. Depending on the material of the filament, pulling it too hard may damage the printout.

    4. Install flexible bed 

     1) Align both ends of the flexible bed to the corners. 

    2) Set the flexible bed down in place.

    3) If the flexible bed is set at an angle, it may be difficult to level the bed.

         So, set the flexible bed down to match the floor surface exactly.