type A530 Industrial 3D Printer Quick Printing Guide

Quick Guide How to Start the type A530 Industrial 3D Printer. Use Weaver3 Studio, the industrial 3D printer slicer to slice a design model file and print it directly.

1. Model Slicing using Weaver3 Studio


    1) Weaver3 Studio Download and Installation

         - Download and install Weaver3 Studio software.


    2) Run Weaver3 Studio.


    3) Load model

         - Please load a model design file you want to print.




    4) Settings

         - Please set the mode to Basic.



    5) Positioning the Model

         - Rotate the model in the desired printing direction using the Model Rotation menu.


    6) Preview

         - Click the preview in the bottom right to view the layer view and printing information.



    7) Create .w3s file.

         - Click [Save to My PC] to save the .w3s extension file to the desired folder.

         - Please copy the saved .w3s file to USB.


2. Print Files from USB Memory

      Insert the USB memory into the printer.

      Press the first print button on the display menu. If the following screen appears, it means it's
      ready to print:




    1) Touch the [Load] button and then touch the [USB] button.



      2) Find and select the desired file from the file list in the USB memory.

          Touch the third print button on the right side of the file name.



      3) Reconfirm the information on the selected file and touch the Print button to
          start printing.

           After heating the nozzle and bed temperature, proceed the printing preparation,
          then printing starts.


     ※ Please download Weaver3 Studio User Manual for more details.