Industrial 3D Printer type A530 Inside Filter Replacement Guide

When and How to Change a Filter inside type A530 Industrial 3D Printer | If filter smells a strong odor during printing, open and pull out the filter inside the 3d printer.

※ Caution

- After the power of the printer is turned off, replace the filter.

※ Note

- The filter replacement interval may vary depending on environment conditions. If you smell a strong odor from the filter during printing, replace the filter.

"How to change filter inside of type A530"

① Open the top door.

A530 filter door open


② Pull the filter in the direction of the arrow to remove the filter.

A530 filter removal


③ Install a new filter by sliding it as shown below:

A530 installation of a new filter


④ Close the top door.

A530 filter door close