type A530 Industrial 3D Printer Firmware Update Guide

Update the industrial 3D printer firmware using a USB flash drive. Follow the procedure described here to update the firmware.

※ Preparation Item

USB flash drive


1) Please click here to go to Download Center. Then, download the latest firmware on the bottom of the page.





2) Please copy the download file to the USB flash drive. Then, extract the zip files on the root directory of the USB.



3) Insert the USB on the front USB slot of the machine and if seeing the following screen, touch the display panel screen. 



4) Following screen message will show if the update procedure is completed.
    Then, turn off the machine, remove the USB from the machine, and turn the machine back on.



※ When the USB drive gets inserted, the machine automatically proceeds firmware update process if the firmware update file is detected.

Therefore, after finishing the firmware update, please move the firmware files to other folder or just delete it from the USB.