type A530 Industrial 3D Printer Parts & Descriptions

Here is the industrial 3D printer parts & descriptions from exterior to interior, nozzle, filament box.

1. Exterior

No. Parts Description
1 LCD Control Panel

Screen used to control printer

2 Power Button Briefly press this button to turn on printer
Power Button Indicator Lamp On Power is On
1 second interval flickering

Can be turned on instantly.

(Power cable is connected)

Lamp Off

Inactive Mode

(Power cable is unplugged)

3 USB Port Connect USB flash drive containing printing information and print directly from USB flash drive.
4 Front Door Handle A handle to open the front door.
5 Top Door Handle A handle to open top door.
6 Filament Box Connection Part After open the cover, it allows a printer to connect to filament box
7 Carrier Handle Handles to use when moving the printer.
8 Main Power Switch Turn the power on or off by pressing “I” (ON) or “O” (OFF).
9 Power Port Power cable connector.
10 USB Cable Port Allows a printer to connect to computer with a USB cable.
11 LAN Port Allows a printer to connect to a network using a LAN cable.
12 Ventilator Fan Discharges heat from interior.
Filters out odor created through printing.
13 Junction Cover After open the cover, filament path can be checked
  • Usage of printer is recommended after removing the protection film on LCD control panel.
    If the film is not removed, the touch screen may not work properly.
  • If in case of not using the printer for long period of time, please unplug the power cable.
  • The lamp may flicker for a few seconds after the power cable is disconnected.


2. Interior
Inside the chamber_typeA530

No. Parts Description
1 Chamber

Inner space where print parts.

Heating inside helps stable printing.

2 Flexible Bed Seating space for prints
3 Bed Handle Hold and slide in and out to attach/detach flexible bed
4 Bed Leveling Knob Rotate to adjust bed leveling. 
5 Cleaning Case Filaments are collected during nozzle cleaning sequence. Should be emptied regularly.


3. Nozzle


No. Parts Description
1 Fan 1 Cool down filaments
2 Fan 2 Cool down heat sink of nozzle
3 Filament Pressurization Lever Pressureize to drive filament
4 Nozzle Fitting Hold filament tube
5 Nozzle Extrude filament
6 Sensor Check the hieght of the nozzle
7 Nozzle Core Unit of replacement for maintenance or using different materials
8 Nozzle Fixing Screw Hold nozzle core


4. Filament Box


No. Parts Description
1 Cover Open Lever Press to open the cover
2 Spool Lock Lever Hold and lock filament spool. Pull to unlock the lever
3 Filament Insert Hole Insert filament to load to printer
4 Motor Cable Port Connect motor cable
5 Filament Fitting Part Connect filament tube from printer
6 Sensor Cable Port Connect sensor cable