type A530 Industrial 3D Printer Display Panel GUI Descriptions

Find type A530 Industrial 3D Printer Display Panel GUI Descriptions.

1. Default Display Menu

The control buttons on the left of the screen are always displayed. Press each button to move to the Print, Queue, Material, Tools, or Settings screen. Press a button to display its Details page on the right of the screen.


Display Name Description


Print To use the functions related to printing.


Queue To manage the list of files to be printed in queue.


Materials To check the information on nozzles and materials installed in the printer, and operate the function of loading/unloading materials.


Tools To operate the function of maintaining and calibrating the printer.


Settings To configure and adjust the basic setting of the printer.


2. Status Bar

The current status information of the printer is displayed. Scroll down to see details.



Display Description
N1    Temperature of Nozzle 1
N2    Temperature of Nozzle 2
ABS    Remaining amount of Material 1
SUP    Remaining amount of Material 2
B    Temperature of Bed
C    Temperature of Chamber


3. Main Display

The Details screen of the selected function is displayed.