type A530 Industrial 3D Printer Cleaning Guide

How to Clean Interior of type A530 Industrial 3D Printer. 1) Internal Cleaning 2) Regular Inspection - Inspecting Oil/Grease 3) Cleaning of Flexible Bed and Nozzle

1.  Internal Cleaning

Filament residues may fall into the printer when it is in operation. If the filament residues are not removed, they may affect the printer’s operation. Clean the inside regularly.


2.  Regular Inspection - Inspecting Oil/Grease

The drive shaft is coated with oil or grease when the printer is delivered.

After a certain time of period, the oil or grease is dried and noise may be generated.

Check the oil/grease conditions about once a month.

In particular, if noise occurs when the printer is operated, immediately check the oil or grease conditions.

If necessary, contact the after-sales service center.


3. Cleaning of Flexible Bed and Nozzle

If filament residues or debris are left on surface of the bed, the bed may not be normally leveled. Improper bed leveling may affect the print quality.


※ Caution

- When the nozzle or bed is heated, components are very hot. Be careful of burns.