How to Replace Industrial 3D Printer Nozzle type A530

This nozzle replacing guide describes and demonstrates the procedure how to remove the bellows, replace the nozzle, and reassemble.


※ Warning

- The parts are very hot when the nozzle is heated. Be careful not to burn yourself.

※ Important

- To replace the nozzle, be sure to unload the filament before replacing it.
- For your safety, it is recommended to replace the nozzle while the power is off.


   1) Release the bellows fixed to the X-axis drive part.


   2) After placing the nozzle to be replaced in the center of the X-axis drive part, open the door on the front of the nozzle.


   3) Loosen two nozzle-fixing screws on the front side by turning them counterclockwise.


   4) Pull the nozzle core forward and lift it up to remove it.


   5) Reassemble the nozzle core to be replaced in the same position, and then fix it by turning the two nozzle fixing screws on the front clockwise again.


   6) After closing the door in front of the nozzle, reassemble the separated bellows to the
X-axis drive unit.

※ Note

- After assembling the bellows, check all 4 fixing hooks are properly hooked on
  the X-axis drive unit.