How to Install fabWeaver Industrial 3D Printer

Product Installation Guide of fabWeaver Industrial Prototyping 3D Printer, type A530

1. Unpacking

Quick installation 1_typeA530

① Please remove outer & inner packaging


② Open the top door and remove the clips and cable ties holding the belts using a nipper (4 places)



③ Please check if all the supplied products are available


2. Location and Environment Setup

[Dimensions of type A530]



[Dimensions of type A530 with smartStation™]


Temp and humidity_typeA530


- Install the product in a well-ventilated place.
You may smell an odor when this product is being used. It is not harmful, but if you need to print for a long time in a poorly ventilated space, adequate ventilation is needed.
- Place the product on the flat floor. If the product is installed on a slope, it may fall down.


- Install the product so that the vents is kept at least 10 cm away from the wall or surrounding devices.
- Secure proper space around the product for easy ventilation and operation.
- Use the product in an environment at a temperature of 16–29℃, and humidity of 20–70% RH.
- Do NOT install or use the product outdoors.


3-1. Connecting Filament Box (without smartStation™)

① Connect the cable according to the color indicated on the label on the back of the filament box


② Open the cover on the right of this product. Then, you can see the filament box connector.

     The top connector is connected to the nozzle 1 and the bottom one is to the nozzle 2.


③ Connect the cables according to color codes of the filament box connectors. Insert the tube up to the marked position on the end of the tube as follows.


④ Attach the filament box labels on the front as below. Attach label "1" to the filament box that is connected to the top, and attach label "2" to the filament box that is connected to the bottom.


3-2. Connecting Filament Box (with smartStation™)

① Open the second drawer of smartStation™ and put the two filament boxes provided with type A530 into the drawer for installation.

     Insert the Filament Box 1 of fabWeaver type A530 into the left side and the Filament Box 2 into the right side of the drawer.


② Connect the two cables (black and blue terminals) from the second drawer of smartStation™ and the filament tube to connectors on the back of the filament box as shown below.

    Connect the blue terminal cable to the left side, the black terminal cable to the right side, and the filament tube to the center.


③ After installation, fabWeaver type A530 recognizes that the leftmost filament box is Box 1 and the rightmost one is Box 4, and that Boxes 1 and 2 on the left are for Nozzle 1, and Boxes 3 and 4 on the right are for Nozzle 2.

4. Connecting Power and Network Cable

① With the power turned off, connect power cable (1) and turn the power on by push the power switch to "I" (ON) position, 

Connect any toher cables [network cable(a), USB cable(b)] of user's preference.


② After connecting all cables, press the power button, located on upper side of the printer.

To turn the power off, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.