Industrial 3D Printer type A530 Calibration & Bed Leveling Guide

Calibration means calibrating the distance between the nozzle and bed to prevent filament spaghetti. Before start printing, do the Calibration and Bed Leveling first.

1. Bed Leveling

      1) On type A530 display home, press [Tool]  > [Calibration] > [Bed Leveling] menu.

calibration_bed leveling1_typeA530

      2) The bed can be leveled by measuring the degree of inclination of the bed. Press the
          [Check] button to start the measurement.                type A530 Bed Leveling Check Menu

      3) Turn the leveling knob on the bottom of the bed as many as the revolutions displayed in
          the screen. Press the [Check Again] button to measure is again.         type A530 Bed Leveling Knob Check Menu


2. Z Offset

    The gap between the nozzle and the bed can be adjusted.


- Please clean the nozzle tip thoroughly before proceed Z offset calibration. Any debris
  on the nozzle tip can negatively affect measurement process and height calibration.


- Auto calibration action may take some time as it includes preheating and nozzle
  cleaning step.

      1) On [Calibration] Menu, press [Z Offset] then press [Start] of auto calibration.  type A530 Z Offset Menu

type A530 Z Offset Menu Start

      2) When auto calibration done, press [Additional Calibration].

type A530 Z Offset Additional Calibration Menu

      3) Press [Start] of print pattern menu.

type A530 Z Offset Additional Calibration Start Menu

      4) When printing job done, total 4 pattern will be printed. As shown on below picture,
          measure the height of central part of printed pattern including the raft using measuring
          tool such as vernier caliper.

          - Measure each printed part by nozzle #1, and find the average value of all four.

          - Measure each printed part by nozzle #2, and find the average value of all four.

type A530 Z Offset Additional Calibration Pattern Print


- From printed pattern, longer side being printed by nozzle #1.

- If the average value is within ±0.05mm compared to reference value of 5mm, then no
  additional adjustment is required hence no need to enter any value.


      5) Enter average value of nozzle #1 and #2, and press [Save].

type A530 Z Offset Additional Calibration Save Menu

      6) In case of enter incorrect value or need to reset calibrated result, press [Reset Offsets].


- Additional calibration values will be reset when auto calibration performed again. 



3. Nozzle Calibration

    The position in the X and Y-axis directions between Nozzle 1 and Nozzle 2 can be corrected.        When two nozzles intersect to print, they can be printed on the same coordinates.


- If the positioning of Nozzle 1 and Nozzle 2 is incorrect, the print quality may be

      1) Press the [XY Calibration] button to print the pattern for XY calibration.      type A530 Nozzle Calibration Menu

type A530 Nozzle XY Calibration Menu


- If pressing the [Enter Calibration Value] button, you can directly input the calibration value without printing the calibration pattern.

      2) When printing is complete, input the number of the line that forms the most straight line
          among the lines printed by nozzle 1 and nozzle 2.
          If there are no straight lines, enter the number of the nearest line.
          After entering the value, press [Save] and print the calibration pattern again to check.type A530 XY Calibration Printed Pattern 2

type A530 XY Calibration Printed Pattern 1       


- The value of the X axis center is 0, the left end is -10, and the right end is 10.

- The value of the Y-axis center is 0, the upper end is -10, and the lower end is 10.

      3) After entering the value, click [Save].type A530 XY Calibration Enter Value