Post-Processing Guide for 3D Printed Industrial Prototypes

To easily remove RSA support from 3d printout, use smartWash detergent to dissolve RSA. smartWash detergent becomes a weakly alkaline solution in water.

※ Reference

- smartWash is a separate component that can dissolve support materials.

- smartWash detergent is a support remover that is used in smartWash with water.

To easily remove RSA, use the smartWash detergent to dissolve RSA. smartWash detergent is dissolved in water to make a weakly alkaline solution. It is good to use smartWash to dissolve RSA. The circulation rate and the temperature affect the dissolution rate of RSA. To correctly handle the smartWash detergent, see the following instructions:


※ Note

- Before using the smartWash detergent, use proper protective gloves, protective goggles, and respiratory protection equipment. A weakly alkaline solution that is heated and circulated is needed to dissolve RSA.

RSA is dissolved faster in solution at higher temperatures. The temperature of a solution varies with the temperature at which the material of and output may be deformed. Generally, the temperature is set to about 70 - 80 degrees for RSA. The pH of an alkaline solution should be at least 10.

① Dissolve 100g of smartWash detergent per 4L of water in smartWash to make a solution about 2.5% concentration.


② Heat the smartWash to the necessary temperature and start the circulation process.


③ If the smartWash detergent is sufficiently dissolved and the target temperature is reached, put the output into the solution.


④ It usually takes about one to nine hours to dissolve the support material. (The time varies with the amount or shape of the support material.) Check the progress regularly and, if necessary, change the position so that the output is well immersed in the solution.


⑤ Once the support material is completely dissolved, rotate the output and dry it for at least 15 minutes to let the solution drain off.


⑥ After the initial drying, rinse the output thoroughly with warm running water to remove the residual solution.


⑦ After the output is completely dried, a white residue may appear. If so, place the output in warm water at 30–50°C for at least 1 hour.


※ Note

- It is possible to dissolve 1kg or larger of RSA with 1kg of smartWash detergent.

The higher the amount of RSA dissolved in a solution is, the slower the RSA dissolution rate is.

It is recommended to keep a record of how many grams of RSA are dissolved so that the time of replacing the weakly alkaline solution can be checked.


⑧ Before discarding the solution, neutralize it. For this, it is recommended to add 5~10g of citric acid per liter. The generation of foams indicates the solution is neutralized.


⑨ The solution in which smartWash detergent and RSA are dissolved (only limited amount) is a weakly alkaline solution that can be discarded through waste water. Refer to the local regulations.