In the material world for industrial 3D printers, here you can find the TDS (Technical Data Sheet) for PLA.


PLA Technical Data 

Property Unit Value Test Method/Condition
Density g/㎤ 1.23  
Melt Flow Index (Melt Index) g/10min 5 190°C, 2.16kg
Tensile strength MPa 63  
Young's modulus (Tensile modulus) MPa -  
Elongation at break % 20   
Bending strength (Flexual strength) MPa 74  
Bending modulus (Flexual modulus) MPa 1973  
IZOD Impact Strength kJ/m2 9  
Glass Transition Temperature °C -  
Vicat Softening Temperature °C -  
Heat Distortion Temperature °C 53 0.45MPa




Recommended PLA Printing condition

Nozzle temperature

Bed temperature

Print speed 

Travel speed

205 °C

50 °C

30/100 mm/s

165 mm/s