How many types of nozzle type A530 provide?

There are 3 types of Nozzles for type A530 depending on the materials.

  • N1 type (ABS, ASA, Support)
    Default Nozzle installed from the factory is N1 for both nozzles. fabWeaver ABS, ASA and RSA are using N1.
  • N2 type (PLA)
    fabWeaver PLA material requires N2 nozzle.  This has mechanical design difference to prevent the over melting from the high temperature.
  • N3 type (Open)
    As both N1 and N2 nozzles were programmed to recognize fabWeaver filaments smartchips, non programmed nozzle for open branded materials are required that is N3.

Optional nozzles for N2 (PLA), and N3 (Open Materials) are sold separately.